Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hit the Deck(er)! (Experience 15)

Before taking on the Tronnies (apparently they are called the Deckers) through some super computer matrix thing... Kenzie needed the routers in the nuclear facility taken out. This mission was fairly bland. But along the way I lost my catpack. I am not sure if this was a glitch or intentional after using a parachute. After jumping into the facility and parachuting down my catpack must have fallen off! Sadness. Emoness. This was a prime example of a mission that was not well thought out. It also concluded out of nowhere and did not make a lot of sense. After destroying the routers my character was left standing in a hail of gunfire and no clear route to escape the facility. Instead of forcing me to say... move my character out of harms way, the mission immediately concluded and showered me with rewards. Not exactly a logical conclusion to my being present in the belly of the Deckers' fortress.

The drop that made me lose my catpack.
Up next was the enter-the-matrix-and-take-out-the-Deckers-leader mission. This mission was a lot of fun and quite unique due to a number of entertaining homages to other games and media. While the art referenced Tron (of course) a variety of old games were on the list to be parodied or hinted at. There was even a sequence to bring back the memories of old text based adventure games. Your character enters as a toilet due to technical difficulties and upgrades to a low polygon blow-up doll before finally becoming a slightly higher poly character. They also throw in some fun items like a crash screen and negative effects to mess up combat (such as built-in lag and reversed controls). The final battle reminded me of Shadow of the Colossus a bit (but nowhere nearly as incredible). This is definitely one mission worth experiencing simply for the variety of references and activities you take part in.

You are a toilet. What other game has you play as a toilet with a gun?
KILL THE UNICORN is always the right answer.
Epic battle for supremacy of the Internets!

Too bad you cannot exist as this huge monster in the game's "real" world...
An outfit change was required before moving on. I finalized my outfit for the rest of my game playing experience. The Cardinal outfit with a punk attitude was absurd and fun all wrapped in one! (check out the swinging cross!)

Nothing too offensive... oh wait it kind of is.
So previously the Saints moved out of their palatial high rise downtown to set some kind of trap for STAG... In the next mission apparently all the cars around the building were rigged with explosives to knock out STAG ground forces upon their arrival. This kind of thinking seems really foolish. STAG has planes and helicopters and whatever else. As predicted the ground attack went poorly and STAG lost only some of their forces... but not their air support... and not the forces entering from the roof. The defense was reasonably fun and introduced some new item that I never used again that rained missiles from the sky. Anyway things did not end very well. The ambush was a failure in my view from the moment it was conceived. STAG had no problem replenishing their unlimited forces and kidnapped Shaundi... retrieving her would be my next mission.

See! All the ground forces are gone! ... wait why am I still having to defend against ground forces?

Seeking rockets are great as long as you don't move the cursor accidentally.
The final mission of my play session required me to change my appearance to look like Cyrus (the guy in charge of STAG). This mission was a change of pace and a bit goofy. My character continuously gave away the fact that she was in-fact not Cyrus but instead a bumbling phony gang-banger. I took two Saints to the main STAG aircraft carrier to imprison them and then sneak around to release them along with Shaundi. This mission was the first where driving carefully was critical. I failed the mission twice before making it to an aircraft to take to the carrier. After freeing the Saints the decision was made to take out the carrier. Easy as pie, and boom one carrier cracked in half.

Hardest part of the game is the next 5 minutes.
What could go wrong? Why does Cyrus' voice come out of my character's vocal chords?

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