Friday, March 16, 2012

This is the End (Experience 17)


The final mission of Saints Row: The Third pits you against a very angry city full of STAG and Luchadores battles. You have to survive three extremely hostile battles. At this point in the game I was essentially invincible due to upgrades and had no actually problems making it through the battles. Without the upgrades these battles would be fairly difficult I imagine. After the third battle you are given the choice of chasing down Killbane or saving Shaundi and Viola from certain death. I opted for the homies-come-first option and saved Shaundi and Viola.


Grenade leap-toss into a mess of enemies goes boom!

Explosive shells from the pistol lead to Shaundi's demise. Whoops.

... and play through the better ending.
Unfortunately the choice to save Shaundi and Viola resulted in a lackluster conclusion and extremely lame post “mission” that finds you leading the Saints to battle Killbane on Mars. It is revealed that you are actually on a movie set (this was obvious to me as they had mentioned the movie a few missions ago – that is a time measurement right?). This was the happy “cheese” ending.

Why me?
A great design choice was made allowing the player go through the alternate ending as the next mission in the game. It was definitely worth checking out both endings. By choosing to go after Killbane you have to brawl with the STAG and protect Saint-Wrestler man for a bit. After STAG loses 8 troops you are driven to the airport and have free reign to blast rockets at tons of STAG and Luchadores vehicles along the way. This sequence was a whole lot of fun. Chasing down and actually hitting the plane required some skill (the hitting of the plane that is). I failed to remember that I could lock onto things so I was just firing from the hip and trying to lead. I ended up failing the mission and repeated it. Again I totally forgot about seeking missiles and managed to stop the plane by leading my shots.

Check out that flying Luchador! Lucha libre senior!

Just before the not-exactly-epic showdown.
After a short quick-time-event sequence Killbane was down for the count! Cyrus from STAG appeared in a cutscene and called in the Daedalus. This was awesome. The Daedalus reigned down hellfire across the city. Everywhere the ground was shaking and explosions were going off. I grabbed some Saints and drove to a helicopter to take down the sky-fortress.

The floating fortress: Daedalus. Too bad the Saints decided to destroy it...
Taking down the Daedalus was not really a big deal... but wait... is that a crack in the Daedalus that I just fell through? I fell from the Daedalus and had to restart from a checkpoint. It was embarrassing and a bit of a let down for an otherwise very memorable experience. The final battle with Cyrus' plane was nothing too exciting. I was hoping for a bit more, but the overall mission experience was definitely good. The conclusion of the game left me confused. The Saints declared the city as a new city-state and Pierce would be the new mayor except... wait what happened to Burt Reynolds as mayor? Zombie him back into the office!

Well spoken!
Saints Row: The Third – Fun.

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