Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When in doubt, use a tank. (Experience 14)

Oh no! Killbane (main antagonist) has broadcast some Saints dancing in front of a picture of the destroyed bridge appearing to celebrate. This is a public relations nightmare! Although highly cheesy it worked as a motivation to have a mission where you have to find the secret broadcast location. Of course Killbane escaped but the mission was alright. At the last moment before Killbane's near demise, my helicopter lost control... introducing a remote control item that can take over any vehicle (I had this earlier due to my side mission completions).

I believe I can fly... (... a helicopter ... to the coordinates of the van)
In an attempt to crush STAG, the decision is made to move the entirety of the Saints operation out of the main building to accomplish some kind of unknown counter attack. It did not make sense in the end and the mission was some kind of protect-and-escort-but-not-really--actually-distract-by-utter-destruction mission. The strange thing was that some of the base buildings that I was supposed to attack with a VTOL refused to take damage. I had to land the plane and manually throw grenades to inflict any damage at all.

Crispy little critters and buildings abound!
As per usual my vehicle can take about four hundreds times more damage than any enemy.
Up next the nerdy FBI agent (Kinzie I believe) needed me to go steal a super computer so I could hack into the Tronnies matrix or some tech nonsense. The mission went well but I failed to follow instructions and used a tank to gently free/destroy the computer.

Pirate protagonist has phasing capabilities.

Using the tank as was highly *NOT* recommended... and resulted in my retrying from checkpoint.
Up next it was decided to kidnap the Nytblade actor (apparently from the first mission) from STAG headquarters. To sneak in, Viola and my character had to get into outfits befitting of the Nytblade theme: a cardinal and some kind of stripper nun. (if you arrived on this page from a google search for "stripper nun" my apologies... this is only a game blog) Everything went reasonably well except the escape when Viola felt the need to not enter the escape vehicle and instead take on an entire STAG battalion. She eventually figured things out... but only after I drove about half way to the Saints base and came back.

Very comic book like...

All those red dots on the radar and flames engulfing the screen can only make my escape that much more entertaining!
There is a general problem with the way missions are concluded. There is some exposure to the plot through cutscenes before and during missions but some missions end and cut right to the rewards screens without a moment to take in the weight of what had just transpired. Many instances feel as though they were rushed and no attention to actual storytelling was given. Even a few moments of the camera panning around the situation or a few additional lines could have added a lot more depth. I am not implying that Saints Row is some kind of masterpiece of writing but the plot deserved a bit more time/development than it is given.

All dark and emo with a cat pack that looks like my actual cat.

I guess this is less emo and more thief.

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