Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kill Zimos Please (Experience 13)

This play session I started with a mission for Zimos that was about the most offensive thing I have seen thus far in the game. To put it nicely you free some “indentured servants” for Zimos. The mission begins with Zimos being a stereotypical pimp and your character ending up nude running around a brothel. ...really classy stuff. After blasting out of the building I wound up on a boat freeing people from cargo containers and fending off the Rescorts.
Boat Defense - Great summer internship for any college student!
An outfit change was clean off the gross of the Zimos mission. The Saint-Pirate seems alright.

Needs a parrot. (that speaks zombie)
The next (ten thousand times less offensive) mission involved Oaf man and my character meeting one of the main antagonists recently turned informant. With hints of a military presence coming from numerous new reports it was no surprise that a massive military onslaught interrupted the meeting and played into the mission at hand. The escape from the STAG military forces was entertaining enough. This was a drastic change of pace and resulted in some changes I was not exactly expecting (the police cars are now driven by STAG forces for example).

Looks like a usual visit to a park in Eugene Oregon.
Taking a jet down with a pistol is easier than one might imagine.
Hopefully the missions/story follow the second type as I am not sure I would tolerate much more of the first type. Not so much content this time around... just some pictures and disappointment in the Zimos mission... FRAPS captured two entertaining screenshots during this session:

Might be a critique on my driving... or maybe someone is carjacking me.

I hope there was a twenty page design document on this feature alone.

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