Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catpack (Experience 8)

Each morning I leap from the roof of my mammoth downtown skyscraper/apartment (just like in my real life). I also bring along a few buddies but sometimes they run into issues with the jump. Other times they just warp to where I am located. Reality is definitely not a factor for gang members and other non-player characters. They warp all over the place randomly as the game pleases. It seems as though the AI detects the likelihood of a player's frustration and responds accordingly by warping people around.

Ninja-Homie was hit by a car! I never let the ninja-homie die. NEVER.
The mission I played through was a protection mission and mostly bland. I had already played through the Heli-Assault missions so this was old news. The sniping component of the mission was also mostly boring. This was a glorified side mission unfortunately. Explosions are cool.

The Rescorts new tactic: self-immolation.

"Unlimited rockets and unlimited Rescorts" - alternate Mission title
Short entry this time with a fan service oriented conclusion:

I have no clue what the theme is... but there's a catpack... so that's cool.

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