Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ninja: Yes -- Pirate: No!?!? (Experience 7)

A gang customization feature unlocked after I completed the last story mission (the one where I learned I sucked at controlling a parachute). This allowed me to change the default set of cars and types of Saints would appear when I called (or otherwise?). The customization is reasonably limited thankfully. There are three car slots and four character slots. I could have spent hours on the characters if they were not already predefined. There are a number of archetypes to select from. I had to include a ninja as he stood out blatantly (much like my character's outfits).

One foolish choice I always make is to trigger every photo opportunity in the game. If I am mid-battle or mid-mission I have no choice but to run over and pose. The snapshot below was captured mid battle with the Luchadores. My modeling skills are quite good I might add. Just like in real life I will not flinch if shot.

Probably the wrong thing to do with armed gunmen/wrestlers after you.
After the photo opportunity the battle raged on. You can see the aftermath thanks to my handy explosive ammunition loaded pistols.

I decided to complete all of the tank mayhem tasks as they seemed fairly easy. As you can see below the HUD/UI elements eat up a lot of the screen. I imagine some people would look at this and find this game too complex (non-humans, ie. Gamers, completely understand this stuff).

What's not to understand?
Of all the activities I am finding insurance fraud the most difficult to finish. I will need to find a better strategy than just randomly falling in front of cars and hoping I will bounce about various cars before landing (to earn the most cash). The other activities were a lot easier to complete. The Genki television show runs are a bit difficult but it is reasonably easy to run away if things get too nasty (like when they have you brawl with two heavy enemies).

Minor glitch = big laughs.
I figured the trafficking task might let me sneak in a Saint to help improve my chances against the horde of enemies. I was correct and was able to drag the ninja along on the mission. The last thing you want to do on trafficking runs is inflict a lot of damage. Instead you want to minimize enemy casualties to avoid increasing the enemy gang's level of agitation. This may seem backwards but the brutes come out often and are relentless to the guy you are supposed to defend.

Ninja and I helping to keep the streets safe! (safe for our dealer)
Here are some explosions for your maximum enjoyment.

I enjoy explosions that push the car up into the air. They are most optimal for entertainment.
Visual masterpiece ala too much zoom effect.
No new outfit change until I finish the next mission...

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