Saturday, February 4, 2012

UNETHICAL (Experience 4)

This play session included capturing a screenshot every 25 seconds. This did not exactly work out as I had hoped. 25 seconds is a long time in an action game. It still caught some unique moments but I may try for 20 seconds or fewer next time.

Shortly after starting the game a call came in that the Tronnies were attacking a clothing store. While I was not the owner of the store I somehow felt the weight of responsibility to clean things up. I am clearly the savior of Steelport with my renovated crackhouses (now featuring less crack... if you count the those in the walls only). I am dressed as a super hero I might as well play the part. This time I had some extra help from a mostly useful SA'int.

Checkout the air that Tronnie is catching in the background!

With the Tronnies knocked out I explored some of the tasks floating around that city that I had yet to sample. I went onto the Genki Game Show and was warned to watch out for Pandas in my crossfire with this wonderful image:

The cell phone does not stop ringing with the needs of my pathetic gang of SA'ints. Apparently the Rescorts were "allowed downtown" or some such thing. I called up my SA'int buddy from before and we took out the four waves of Rescorts. It was mostly uneventful... except that it rolled into my next activity.

Another activity on the map I had not yet tried was trafficking. Pierce picked me up and instead of driving I had to play the role of the passenger protecting the dealer from harm. My previous encounter with the Rescorts still had them wanting my death. They chased us around and in classic super hero style I randomly shot backwards from a moving car in hopes of causing some kind of engine explosion. The dealings went off without much trouble. One buyer tried to run but my super hero running capability and a few bullets settled the issue.

While exploring the airport area I ran into some trouble that no super hero generally does. A school bus jumped out in front of me. I may have been driving in the alternate (not wrong, just alternate) lane. The only thing apparently damaged was the Rescort's car I borrowed. The bus was in perfect condition. (again just like in reality) I proceeded to show true courage and ran away from the wreck and stole someone else's car to finish my career as a super hero.

Saints Row features a blurring effect across everything but your car (and apparently some other elements as seen below). While I think it was a decent decision to give the player a sense of quick movement it is admittedly a bit harder on the eyes than it needs to be. A little less could still give the same feeling.

For my next playthrough I purchased a new outfit from a store called Leather & Lace.

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