Saturday, February 11, 2012

Para(over)chute (Experience 6)

One of the Saintsbook tasks is car theft. This involves going to an area; stealing a specific type of car; delivering the given car to a target location. While this sounds easy it is not necessarily. The moment you steal the car the police are immediately on you. As the car becomes damaged your overall theft value drops off. I attempted to combat this by stopping by a repair shop but something went awry. The first repair attempt worked out fine. But when I tried to stop a second time the game decided to reset the mission so I had to return to the original location to steal a car. This was shockingly less fun. Driving across the entire city takes time and is likely the least interesting part of the game.

The Copies were still around after I dropped the goods off so I did the most logical thing. Fought back and made things worse!

Angering the Copies is a bad idea (generally).
Things calmed down shortly thereafter. I called the Saints who promptly delivered a sweet ride and four fresh lambs for the slaughter. Two of the Saints jumped out and refused to return to the car. They must have known what they were going to be doing under my caring wing (the actual reason is that I only have two gang member slots, just like in my real life). Right around the corner we hit a glitch. This must be one of those sink holes I hear cities have. This one was invisible and somehow a phantom tree grew through the engine of the car. I may have been speeding around a corner but that's no reason for the physics of the universe to break down.

Not to worry, everyone survived this cross dimensional accident.
I dragged my lambs into a number of fights with the Luchadores, Rescorts, and Tronnies clearing out all known gang operations (there are still plenty undiscovered on my map). The gang fights resulted in many dead Saints and attempts on my life. With a lot of time and agitation the various gangs become a lot more vicious. Meanwhile I performed a mad dash across the city buying locations and taking out gang operations. Things were really strange when the gang attacks overlapped. I blasted some Tronnies while Rescort helicopters flew overhead sniping.

Brave Saint I shall revive you shortly if I am not on fire or driving away to buy a CRACKHOUSE.

This chopper went boom shortly after this image was captured.

Why waste your time taking out the shooter in the chopper, just blast the thing out the sky!

Stylin' with my very flexible arms while battling the agitated Rescorts.
Then I played through another actual game mission. This one required me to take over a high rise. My previous experience with parachutes in this kind of game (Just Cause 2 specifically) set my expectations for what the parachute capabilities should be like. Unfortunately the parachutes in Saints Row The Third are a bit limited. Unlike Just Cause 2, the adjustments are definitely slight. I actually overshot the building entirely. 

This was too small a target for my parachute skills -- the entirety of a large building roof.
I was able to land on the building on the second mission attempt ... quite the lewd party! Oh the humanity!
This mission also was given a soundtrack. A specific and reasonably appropriate song played throughout. It definitely put a cinematic vibe to the entire experience. This mission was fairly basic involving clearing out the building, slowly chasing a helicopter and clearing out another building. Nothing quite as exciting as the initial missions of the game.

Post mission wrap up with the Luchadores telling the Tronnies to "not worry about the Saints."
 New outfit for the next playthrough --- a bit of bling, Abe Lincoln, and a whole lotta steam punk.

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