Friday, February 24, 2012

Ragdoll (Experience 9)

First up on my endeavor was the completion of the "hard difficulty" Insurance Fraud task . This definitely was not easy and required three attempts to get enough points. The key to my success was just jumping at nearly stopped cars and then bouncing off those behind them and then between any other cars around. This mini-game, task, whatever it is... is not really that fun. Flatout and other games have a more enjoyable approach to making a body physics demo fun. Saints Row 3 just has you rack up a number of points within a time limit. I would much rather have some kind of situation setup with a ridiculous cinematic feel to it where you have to earn a certain number of points from wrecking a car, falling from a building, flying through space, surviving a nuke... whatever... just anything but "earn some points in 6 minutes otherwise you will have to waste another 6 minutes falling into cars."

The most entertaining thing I saw while completing Insurance Fraud.
After a half hour of playing human pinball I called up my homies and we drove around taking out gang operations. It was fun to see my old friends as it has been a number of days. We chatted and gunned down some enemies like old times. One woman complained while I was shopping so I had to take her out. What is wrong with a little patience between friends?

Car doors only impede your aim.
More catpack antics.
While taking out gang operations I also stopped by every building I could buy and purchased it. Racing around the city with lots of heat from gangs and copies is quite fun really. I remember in GTA always trying to avoid that kind thing because there was little backup. With 3 homies to help out it is actually more fun if there is a constant tornado of anger chasing you throughout the city.

Nice driving... way to take out the traffic sign as per usual.
I ran out of money on my spending spree so I did the unethical barnstorming-helicopter-18k-per-minute-thing... along the way I found a collectible but had left my helicopter below. I figured I would just jump back down on top of the helicopter... 

The "mission" I played through was strung out over a number of non-mission cutscenes. I think I am way too far in the game outside of the missions because they are still teaching me about things I did about 8 play sessions ago. I am a terrible judge of these things so I always go out of my way to complete all possible side quests in games before I even start playing the main storyline.

Perfect nonsense outfit and accessories.
New outfit, very classy. Too shiny.

I paid for a laminated jacket.

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