Thursday, February 2, 2012

Face Your Fear: Mascots (Experience 3)

I was true to my word from the previous entry. I pummeled a SA'int. Unfortunately it did not encourage the other members to be any more effective.

I opted to go on an actual game mission and picked up Pierce. He changed the radio station so that Sublime's "What I Got" was playing. In a moment of actual pure entertainment my character and Pierce sang along with the song while driving to a clothing store. I recalled seeing a video previously with a zombie voice singing along and it did not even occur to me that this was intentionally built into the game.

The GPS addition in recent sandbox+vehicle games is definitely appreciated. But I am not a fan of the presentation in SR3. Instead of just a visual guide somewhere outside of "reality" they blatantly have it in the middle of the road obscuring things. My suspension of disbelief is not in question, just my vision of oncoming traffic.

My clothing shopping did not end well. I died twice clothing shopping. (again just like in reality) This massive brute showed up with some Rescorts and proceeded to pummel me into a corner in the store until my third attempt at survival kicked my instinct into action: RUN! The brute was entertaining as he flipped over cars and proceeded to beat the living hell out of me. They definitely made the sequence interesting. The brute also was not all that easy to take down requiring a fair share of ammunition.

Then I:

Ran over some Tronnies to clean things up.

Angered some Rescorts (they chased me for about 30 minutes).

Remembered to take screenshots to make this blog more interesting.

A frantic call came in requesting I defend a store from the mascots. I figured I would show up and have to survive a couple waves of mascots. Nope. When I arrived there were already ten plus mascots laying gunfire into my car. Things were a bit messy for a while as you can see below.

After 4 waves I was told to clean up the remaining mascots. A couple of mostly worthless SA'ints arrived and proceeded to accomplish very little. I cleaned things up and as you can see below it was not a very pretty result.

I felt the need to purchase stuff. I bought a crackhouse. I am not sure what one does with a crackhouse but I am now a proud owner. I bought other forgettable properties as well but I felt the need to mention the crackhouse. CRACK HOUSE.

After roaming about exploring unknown question marks on the map I came upon the gem below.

I intentionally rag-dolled my way around an intersection. Nothing beats throwing yourself into traffic. I am not sure how this qualifies as fraud exactly. After this many deaths I figure I probably do not even qualify as a human let alone a citizen that an insurance company would pay out to.

For the ??th time a call came in to do something with the Copies. This time it was to have the Copies attack me, survive, and send a video to them as ... wait what? This complex plot is stupid, just tell me to go die and the result will be the same. Anyway I went and proceeded to die when a HMV with a mounted machine gun tore me down.

Randomly exploring I came across another gem of a task: Tank Mayhem.

Tank Mayhem is exactly like it sounds. Roll your tank through town doing tons of damage and dealing with none of the consequences! They are just pixel people anyway! As in other games of this nature the tank is a lot of fun though the control was a bit weird. The treads and the turret seemed loosely related (they should be completely independent) resulting in turning when I did not want to. Oh well. I did my damage and moved on to some clothing shopping.

Here is my Super Hero outfit for next playthrough:

Casino detective below...

"Any crimes in need of a super hero in the slots area?"

Next time I will be trying something different. I am going to have FRAPS take images every 25 seconds while I play. This will help my memory as well as hopefully result in fewer staged screenshots for the playthrough report. (hitting random hotkeys while running people over is tough!)

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